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North Coast HomePros™ is dedicated to connecting quality home improvement contractors with homeowners who care about quality workmanship.

Who Gets Listed?
The businesses appearing on HomePros meet minimum standards of eligibility as determined by our proprietary algorithm based exclusively on third-party information, including star ratings on popular websites, geographic service area, and information provided by the businesses themselves, such as details about insurance policies and warranties. North Coast HomePros does not recommend any business and assumes no liability for products and services offered by the businesses listed. Of course, we can list only businesses that come to our attention, so if you’d like to recommend a contractor or industry-related business, please submit the form below.

Is There A Fee?
Our model is not “pay to play.” There is no charge to area contractors to be listed on North Coast HomePros and no fee to homeowners. We make our money by offering businesses other professional marketing services which they are under no obligation to purchase.

A Word About Safety
Even simple home Improvement project can be dangerous, particularly when involving the use of ladders or power tools. Homeowners should use extreme caution when undertaking any project on their own and should defer work to a professionals when they are not qualified. We care about your health and safety. Click here for information on ladder safety.

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